You to have the floor that becomes your home's crowning jewel, and many say the installation is as necessary, if not more so, than the actual product. At Glen Floors, we do everything possible to make sure you’re surprised and delighted with the final result, so we pay attention to every detail, even if it seems small. When you choose our flooring company in Glen Cove, NY, you’ll get it all, from product inventory to installation to our dust-free floor sanding.

Paying attention to even the seemingly most minor details

You probably know by now that solid hardwood can warp when exposed to excess water and humidity, but what you may not know just how much the subfloor can impact appearance and performance. To that end, we continuously monitor moisture subfloor readings throughout the installation process. If it has excess moisture, it can travel to the surface floor and cause warping, cupping, and crowning.

Even the easiest and fastest techniques need attention. Subfloors for laminate and luxury vinyl need only be clean, dry, and even. If it needs sanding to clear debris or even it out, we will do just that; otherwise, your floor will be crooked. If we feel that caulking or expanders will enhance laminate’s water resistance, we’ll do that too.

Reasons to hire a professional (in-house) installer

When someone works for the company, they must be mindful of the reputation of that brand. A subcontractor doesn’t, so responsibilities, accountability, and communication can be a little vague.

The professional also has years of experience to spot potential problems before they occur, then handle them quickly and easily if they do happen. Finally, you don’t have to run all over town to get various services, such as buying in one place, hiring installers in another, and, when it's time for a follow-up treatment such as hardwood refinishing, that's still under our one roof.

Glen Floors has been creating fashion for your floors since 1932, so we can offer you our expertise, whether it’s selecting the correct flooring installation or hiring us for another flooring service like dust-free hardwood sanding. To learn more about us and to get a free flooring service estimate, visit our showroom in Glen Cove, NY, serving areas in and around Glen Cove, Glen Head, Locust Valley, Mill Neck, Old Westbury, Glenwood Landing, Brookville, Bayville, Oyster Bay and East Norwich, NY.