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Choose elegant hardwood flooring for your home

There’s no doubt that hardwood floors have so much to offer. The timeless elegance fits into any décor scheme, while the extensive lifespan means you’ll most likely never have to replace the flooring. We can’t forget how durable it is, especially if you’ve properly personalized your available options.

Contrary to popular belief, these floors are much easier to care for and maintain than you might think. Once they are properly installed, sealed, and finished, you’ll find they cater to your lifestyle with ease. For more information about how these floors can work for you, read along.

Wood floors for nearly every space

It’s important to note that solid wood can never be installed in below-grade spaces unless you can guarantee that there will be no issue with dampness, moisture, humidity, or leaks. Since this is nearly impossible in most cases, we advise the use of engineered wood flooring as a suitable substitute option. It handles these environmental circumstances far better, while yet maintaining status as a real wood flooring.
Choosing a species is likely the first place you’ll start in your search for the perfect wood flooring. A species can not only provide a stunning appearance, and sometimes a natural coloration, but it also offers materials that range from softwood to hardwood. Oak is a great example of a hard species that holds up well under heavy traffic and lots of daily wear due to its extensive hardness.

Both solid and engineered floors can be refinished as well, helping your floors to reach their full lifespan potential of between 30 and 100 years with proper care. The number of times you can refinish your engineered flooring, however, is dependent on the thickness of the real wood veneer, which sits just beneath the top wear layer. If you’d like to see these materials for yourself, be sure to visit our showroom when you’re in the area.

Our showroom offers excellent wood floors

When you visit Glen Floors, our associates are standing ready to answer all your questions, help you browse our inventory, and get you matched with the very best materials and services for your needs. From our Glen Cove, New York showroom location, we are happy to serve residents from Glen Cove, NY, Glen Head, NY, Locust Valley, NY, Mill Neck, NY, Old Westbury, NY, Glenwood Landing, NY, Brookville, NY, Bayville, NY, Oyster Bay, NY, && East Norwich, NY. Stop in today to find out how we will work hard to match you with the very best hardwood floors for your precise requirements in flooring.