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Luxury vinyl flooring: affordable luxury for the home

With stylish designs and extreme functionality, this flooring works for every room in the house. You will see luxury vinyl (LVF) in kitchens, baths, living rooms, and bedroom areas. However, not all vinyl is the same, so be sure you’re choosing true LVF, which is considered a premium product. This is what we tell our customers to look for.

Image is everything, especially when it’s LVF

Inspired by nature, LVF has a wide assortment of wood, stone, and tile photographs taken with 3D photography. Knots, grains, swirls, and veining variations are in full view and colors with brilliant colors and patterns. The floor has micro beveling and is deeply embossed to give it depth, dimension, and textured appearances, such as the currently trending wire-brushed, hand-scraped weathered, and distressed. An excellent design option: The material can be cut and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood, called vinyl plank flooring or square, groutable pieces to echo stone or tile, called LVT flooring.

Flooring thickness matters

LVF is always at least 8-mm but often higher, especially if you want the more authentic feeling of a solid hard surface. Thicker means quieter, and it’s less likely it is to show subfloor imperfections. Designs can also be more intricate because it’s easier to carve on a thick material than a thinner one.

Waterproof flooring durability

Waterproof means entirely impervious for liquid because it is made of watertight materials, with no special coatings or backings. The vinyl itself is waterproof, and the core is also made of vinyl composites. As a result, it can be spilled on or submerged, and it will be fine.

LVF has at least four layers, with the top being a clear, strong melamine coating. The top layer is known as the wear layer, and it protects the floor from scratches and scuffs and even helps with waterproofing. It keeps spills at the top, just waiting to be wiped off. LVF has a thicker wear layer, and it should measure at least 20-mils.

It is also low maintenance, needing only a daily sweeping and weekly deep cleaning with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Installation can be a fast and straightforward floating floor. Here, the pieces click together, mat then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue.
Luxury carpet in Glen Cove, NY from Glen Floors

Your store for vinyl plank flooring and more

At Glen Floors we tell our customers to examine luxury vinyl flooring closely to be sure it’s the real thing. To learn more about that, our other products and our services that range from installation to hardwood (dust-free) sanding, visit our showroom in Glen Cove, NY. We service Glen Cove, NY, Glen Head, NY, Locust Valley, NY, Mill Neck, NY, Old Westbury, NY, Glenwood Landing, NY, Brookville, NY, Bayville, NY, Oyster Bay, NY and East Norwich, NY. Be sure to ask about your free luxury vinyl flooring estimates.