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Let’s see how window treatments can change your décor

Window treatments such as vertical blinds and others are often an afterthought during a new home build or a remodel. Sometimes considered a “background feature,” they’re an integral part of your décor. But they can do so much more as well, as you’ll find out here.

With the right treatments in place, you can create a stunning appearance, protect your flooring, and add privacy to any space, even close to other homes. The many faces of window blinds give way to a surplus of functionality. And it's all suited specifically to your requirements.

Choosing suitable window treatments

We offer well-known name brands like Hunter Douglas and Graber, so you never have to worry about the reputation of the materials you’ll be receiving. Since they are matched very personally to your tastes and requirements, you’ll find they perform at or above your expectations, every time. Let’s consider some of the characteristics you can expect with these materials.

Roman shades are a great way to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. It doesn’t block out all of the illuminations, but it does block UV rays that can damage your flooring and upholstery for excellent protection. When closed, they also provide a great deal of privacy, as no one can see directly into your home.
Sheers, curtains, and drapes are very commonly used, and often together, to create superb privacy, light control, and a wonderful décor element, no matter where they are installed. Shutters are as popular as ever and are even seeing use indoors as well as out. The combination of certain kinds of window treatments is a great way to reap the biggest benefit in any space.

In addition to choosing the perfect product and material, you might also consider some form of automation for your window treatments. These help to create the appearance that someone is home when you are away, especially for long periods such as vacations. For more information about these products, feel free to visit us at your convenience

A great place for window blinds

At Glen Floors we offer many products and services for the residents of Glen Cove, NY, Glen Head, NY, Locust Valley, NY, Mill Neck, NY, Old Westbury, NY, Glenwood Landing, NY, Brookville, NY, Bayville, NY, Oyster Bay, NY, && East Norwich, NY. When you visit our Glen Cove, New York showroom, our associates will make sure you’re matched to the very ones that will best serve your needs. Browse our extensive selection of materials and take advantage of personalized services for the best window blinds and more.