How is a room's temperature affected by carpet flooring?

How is a room's temperature affected by carpet flooring?

In your search for the perfect carpeting, you'll hear that it "warms" a room once in place. However, we know the flooring creates no temps of its own, so what does that mean?

It's true that any room temperature changes when carpet comes into place. And here's what you should know about that as you shop for your remodel.

Carpet creates another layer of insulation

Carpet flooring, along with its underpadding, creates another layer of insulation. That means whatever temperature you set your furnace on helps hold it in.

Heat retention is one of the most popular benefits, and it's sure to be your carpeting favorite. But there are more benefits to your advantage too.

Carpet is comfortable and long-lasting

If you have children in the home, you'll appreciate the comfort of carpet. It creates a warmer, more comfortable space for toddlers and crawlers for your peace of mind.

It's also a great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. And we can't forget that the surface is safer for young and old alike.

Carpet offers stunning visuals

You'll find a gorgeous match no matter what type of decor you have in place. Beautiful floor covering colors, patterns, fiber types, and more help create a surface you'll love.

It's also great to create ambiance, as specific colors affect moods differently. Take time to consider popular trends, which could keep you current for years.

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